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Acoustic Consulting

Hear the music, not the room!
Listening in a correctly balanced room makes all the difference to how your music sounds.

Halcyon Audio help clients design rooms that work in harmony with the equipment and demands of the space, working towards a balance of functionality and sonic clarity.
Correct acoustics start and end with the room and how everything in that room adds or detracts from the neutrality.
We can design, build and equip a room to suit your requirements and budget.
Starting from the living space in your home, to basic stereo monitoring or multi channel mayhem - even superclubs! - we can get your room to sound open, neutral and honest.

Education Sector Services

Don’t let the classrooms go dark when you need them most
Keep delivering the modern education you invested into.

Schools are one of the biggest users of audio-visual equipment these days. This technology plays a crucial part in today’s education experience. However, when it goes wrong, it severely disrupts classes.
There is a clear inconvenience when something so central to the modern learning environment fails, it gets worse when you scramble to mobilise someone to recover the situation. This can impact student engagement for days.
Modern audio-visual equipment can be extremely reliable if regularly maintained and serviced.
This is where Halcyon Audio Consulting comes in, with specialised plans taylored to keep you running.

System Integration

Bespoke Hi-Fi throughout your home
No degree, no learning, no fiddling, simply working, all the time.

Halcyon wants you to come home and enjoy music in the way that fits your lifestyle.
We will provide and integrate the technology and equipment to achieve that goal, as a turnkey solution, bespoke to your desires and needs, in the background.
We will even make sure, remotely and on-site, that everything keeps running perfectly.

Meet us

We love music and technology.
One day, we sat and looked at our shared interests and individual experiences. Creating Halcyon Consulting was a no-brainer, it only involved pooling our experience and competencies in a more formal way...
Nicolas Will

Nicolas Will

Founder - Principal consultant, integration and systems

Nico was bathed in Hi-Fi and technology from an extremely young age. He went on to develop his expertise for 20 years in the technology services sector. Moving from support, to engineering, marketing, sales and global business management, he has been there and done that.
Nico brings expertise in information technology, computer systems, security and telecommunications on top of his grounded and no-nonsense audio approach. There isn't much of what is digital that he doesn't have a deep knowledge of.
Nico will make sure that what you get is what you need, before and after installation. He is the geek who will make Halcyon deliver on its technology promise while you only enjoy the simple daily delights of music.

Mike Harlington

Mike Harlington

Founder - Principal consultant, acoustics

Mike has spent most of the past 30 years in business. In his time he’s owned security companies, been an internet pioneer and built a fibre network.
He’s been involved with the music industry since he was a kid, first as a performer then as an acoustic and audio-visual consultant.
Mikes client list is a veritable who’s who of the music industry, from super clubs to record breaking tours and pro studios. He is an authorised service agent with almost every professional sound equipment manufacturer in the world.
Describing himself as an audiophile, Mike believes that with the correct equipment and understanding any room can sound great, it takes a little knowledge, a sprinkle of skill and a lifetime of learning.

DJ Brandon Block

DJ Brandon Block

"I've known Mike for what must be nearly 25 years, I've played systems before he's been involved and after he's been involved.
Quite simply, if I was building a club, Mike would be the audio guy."

Thierry G.

Thierry G.

"Nico quite simply is the glue that made our project come together, remotely from the UK.
Nico made our houses in Dubai and then in Tanzania, literally "come alive" with the music."

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